Are Humans A Part Of Nature Or Apart From Nature?

Neil Evernden QUOTE

I decided to make this graphic after reading some of author Neil Evernden’s The Natural Alien: Humankind and Environment. This quote made so much sense to me. One of the reasons we have so many environmental issues in my opinion has to do with ideas about nature and our lack of connection to nature. In fact I think it’s pretty arrogant for us as humans to think of ourselves as apart from nature. This separation allows us to inflict harm on the natural world, each other, and of course, ourselves.

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Book Description: In this eloquent and sympathetic book, Evernden evaluates the international environmental movement and the underlying assumptions that could doom it to failure. Beginning with a simple definition of environmentalists as ‘those who confess a concern for the non-human,’ he reviews what is inherent in industrial societies to make them so resistant to the concerns of environmentalists. His analysis draws on citing such diverse sources as Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, and TIME, and examines how we tend to think about the world and how we might think about it.

The book does not offer solutions to environmental questions, but it does offer the hope that there can be new ways of thinking and flexibility in human/environmental relations. Although humans seem alienated from our the natural world, we can develop a new understanding of `self in the world.’

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