Study Shows Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Deep belly laughs, light birdlike fluttering giggles, and piggish chortles. We all laugh with different sounds, some song-like, while others, jarring. Yet, they have one thing in common: they reduce pain. Recent scientific studies have shown that both physical and mental pain is soothed by laughter. Thus, proving the old adage true that laughter is the best medicine.

Studies show that laughter releases endorphins that are neurotransmitters that reduce pain, fear, and promote a feeling of well-being. It is also theorized that laughter is an evolutionary survival tool, which encourages social cooperation.

These finds lend creditability to the claims of Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga or Hasyayoga was founded by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India, who launched the first Laughter Club on March 13, 1995. Hasyayoga uses yogic breathing methods and laughter to increase health and vitality. So, laugh it up, it’s good for you.


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