Like Mike Anyone– Tyson, Pollan, Jackson…

like mike anyone

“I perform like Mike Anyone – Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, action.” -The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie’s quote got me thinking, over the years we’ve written a lot of posts for you and there’s one name that seems to come up pretty often. No it’s not Van Jones, although he does appear on this site frequently, the name is Michael. Sure, you could’ve seen that coming as Michael is a common name in our culture, but I’ve counted 6 of these archangels that showed up at this crossroads of information and ideas.

Michael Pollan

In no particular order first up is journalist, author and professor Michael Pollan. His books on nature, food and our broken food system are important reading.
Food Network Addicts Stand Up, Michael Pollan Has Some Words For You
Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” On The Daily Show
Michael Pollan Has Rules For Your Food
Top 5 White People Worth Interrupting Black History Month For
Food Network Welcomes Hipper, Younger Brother: The Cooking Channel
Nationwide Wal-mart Tainted Meat Recall Follows Egg Recall
Subway To Introduce Calcium And Vitamin D Fortified Bread

Michael Jackson

He was not only the King of Pop but also a humanitarian and animal lover. Funny how some folks have such a hard time being both…
Where Is Michael Jackson’s Pet Bubbles The Chimp Now?
BHM Quote: Michael Jackson On The Environment
Michael Jackson The Environmentalist And Humanitarian

Michael Vick

Michael Vick ended up on because his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring. The case brought up the ever so dicey intersection of race and animals that thus far seems unexplored in the media as well as hearts and minds.
Former Bad Decision Maker Cris Carter Gives ‘Em One To Grow On!
Singer Pink Wants Fans To Rip Michael Vick Apart
Supreme Court Oks Animal Cruelty Videos
What Ever Happened To The Michael Vick Dogs?

Michael Bloomberg

Michael-BloombergAs mayor of New York City this Mike managed to piss off smokers with his smoking bans, delight many with his introduction of biking lanes on city streets, upset many parents by taking over the the city’s public schools and aggravate a fellow mayor in Florida by trying to ship the city’s homeless people there!
New York City’s Mayor Gets Creative With Homeless People
NYC Gowanus Canal Declared Toxic Waste Site
Could 9/11 Provide Green Jobs and Help The Economy?
Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It- As Long As It’s Not The Census
Help For Haiti
There’s A War Going On Outside No Man Is Safe From: The Soda Tax Wars
If Global Warming Is Real Why Did A Blizzard Hit New York City?

Michael Moore

michael-moore-capitalismLove him or hate him he made a movie on a topic whose relationship to the environment people are finally starting understand. It seems that way anyway, at least on Wall Street.
Michael Moore’s “Capitalism- A Love Story” Trailer

Mike Tyson

mike-tyson-veganLast but not least is one of my favorite Mikes of all- Mike Tyson. He was a poor African American boy in the hood who grew up to become the heavyweight boxing champ- but wait there’s more! His evolution led him back to his childhood love of pigeons, becoming a vegan and having his own show on Animal Planet!
Mike Tyson Returns To His Roots To Race Pigeons On Animal Planet
VIDEO: Mike Tyson Wants You To Go Vegan
Nicki Minaj Wants You To Get A Hybrid Car

No, Michael Jordan hasn’t made it on this list yet but I’ve got a post I’ve been wanting to write about his sneakers and planned obsolescence. Yes, it needs to be said. Stay tuned!

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