VIDEO: The Harvest/La Cosecha Tells The Story Of The Children Who Feed America

When we Americans think of dingy factories where ten year olds toil for fifty cents a day, we think of places far from here. But we’d be wrong. The recent documentary The Harvest/La Cosecha by Enrique Lopetegui exposes child labor right here at home.

The Harvest/La Cosecha is produced by Shine Global, a non-profit, whose mission: is: “ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through films that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change.”

According to The Harvest’s trailer: “Every year 400,000 children leave their homes to work in fields across America.”

From the Producers of the Academy-Award® nominated film, WAR/DANCE and Executive Producer Eva Longoria, this award-winning documentary provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of these children struggling to dream. Often they have to drop out of High School to keep up with the demands of harvest season. The work is harsh and backbreaking often 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for very little pay (less than $17,500 a year).

In addition, they are are exposed to dangerous pesticides that may lead to cancer and other illness. It’s a sad hard existence that no one especially child should have to endure. Wonder what can be done about this injustice? Me too, the first step is education so check out this documentary and visit Watch the video below to Meet the Filmmakers: Rory O’Connor and Robin Romano.

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