Is Wall Street The Primary Threat To Human Existence?

Photo Credit: Day 14 of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park by David Shankbone

In the recent post on Glen Ford wrote:

“To live in the age of finance capitalist hegemony is different than when Vladimir Lenin said ‘the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with.’ Wall Street daily invents and plays fire with its own form of money: derivatives that are notionally valued at $600 trillion to $1,000 trillion (no one really knows!), many times the yearly Gross Planetary Product of Earth.

The finance hegemon is disconnected from, yet a parasite on, the real economy. He is not in the business of selling or making ropes, or anything else. He is about transforming the world into capital, to feed capital, for the reproduction of capital. He can no longer coexist with human life.”

Well, we’ve given this beast a lot of different names and perhaps came to the same conclusion years ago but Ford has put it in most succinct terms: Wall Street is the enemy of Humans.

Photo Credit: Day 21 of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park by David Shankbone

Where everything is a commodity, something to be sold, even nature itself then everything is for sale. Anything that can’t be sold is worthless. Selling, speculating and marketing everything will leave us serfs to the ruling elite.

Nothing can be sacred. Not human life or that of any other living thing. Not even a mountain can keep its top if there’s money to be made from what’s inside. We’ve all got a stake in Occupy Wall Street and all the other occupations. I like that these dots are being connected and people are understanding in this system the majority of us have a common enemy. A fight like this is one we cannot afford to lose.

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