From Leisure To Lunges: Hotel’s Adapt To Business Travelers’ Exercise Demands

Personal trainers can be requested through different hotel chains– excess is out and health consciousness is in with business travelers of the 21st century.

The health culture of the U.S. continues to expand–the new realm breached is that of the constant traveler. Multiple hotel chains are now attempting to satisfy their guests by providing an array of work out options in room. Options range from yoga mats and pilates DVDs to folding treadmills and exercise bikes.

Many travelers do not enjoy the cramped and often ill-equipped gyms provided by hotels so multiple hotels took notice and offered these health driven amenities. If travelers are still looking for non-solo work out option they can opt to do staff led runs or yoga classes.

The shift in business traveler demands reflects a generational change. Business traveler’s main concerns used to be personified through wine, food and work now; the wine and food have been replaced with running shoes and access to a personal trainer.


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