Jay-Z Wants To Invite You To A Carnival If You Have $1,000 Lying Around

jay z charity carnival tickets

Jay-Z is throwing a carnival themed charity event for his Shawn Carter Foundation on September 29th. The money raised will go to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund to help students pay for higher education. There will be classic carnival rides but don’t expect the usual carnival food. The event will be catered by former pork fanatic chef David Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar and the eco-conscious restaurant Jay-Z partly owns, Spotted Pig. Here’s your invitation scfcarnival.com

Also, don’t expect the usual carnival prizes. Reportedly there will be Gibson guitars, (Brooklyn) Nets tickets and even a Hublot watch instead of gigantic stuffed animals.

Many don’t know this but a lot of rappers perform acts of charity regularly whether it’s reported or not. On a recent list of the most charitable celebs for the year Jay-Z and Beyonce not only didn’t rank in the top 10 they weren’t on the list at all. Their conspicuous absence put them on the list of the least charitable celebs that year which I thought was kind of a shame. I’m not a fan of Jiggahov or the Mrs. as I have said before but it’s nice to have something that looks good to report to you.

According to the foundation’s website: “Shawn Carter Scholars are studying at nearly 100 institutions of higher learning throughout the nation.”

Src: nydailynews.com

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