Fat Boy Prince Markie Dee Drops 175 Pounds

prince markie dee wieght loss

According to TMZ Prince Markie Dee of the rap group Fat Boys is following in the steps of fellow rapper Fat Joe. Well, maybe it’s the other way around although both site the same motivation for their weight loss.

“43-year-old Prince says he’s lost 175 pounds in the last six years … down from 450 (left) — telling us, ‘I am not young anymore. I cant go eat a couple of Big Macs a day and not worry about it. I have to watch what I eat and care about my diet. I have kids to live for.'”

Seems like he has a few years of weight loss and pounds lost up on Joe but to be fair of all the Fat Boys Prince Markie Dee always seemed the least committed to being fat.

He’s got a new project due out soon on a label called Uncle Louie Music Group which will feature fellow Fat Boy Kool Rock-Ski. He also plans to sample some beatboxing from third fellow Fat Boy, Darren “Buffy, The Human Beat Box” Robinson, who died in 1995 of weight complications despite trying to lose weight at the time.

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