VIDEO: Dr. Oz Criticized For Saying There’s Arsenic In Your Apple Juice

Apple juice with 3apples
Photo Credit: “Apple juice with 3apples” by Patrick Geltinger

Popular doctor and host of “The Dr. Oz Show”, Dr. Mehmet Oz is being criticized from many, including juice manufacturers for saying on his show almost a third of the apple juice samples his show tested had higher levels of arsenic than is allowed in U.S. drinking water.

He’s been called everything from irresponsible to a hater to a quack and even the FDA has weighed in saying Dr. Oz used the wrong tests on his show. These tests they claim did not differentiate between organic naturally occurring arsenic and inorganic arsenic typically found in pesticides.

Dr. Oz noted contrary to what you may believe about where your apple juice comes from much of it comes from China, other parts of Asia and South America. Yeah, those apples in your apple juice are more well traveled than many of their American consumers.

Dr. Oz plans a followup show addressing his critics on September 21st. While he is accused of scaremongering terrified Moms who apparently can’t make heads or tails of anything on their own I’m glad he has brought attention to the fact that many Americans don’t trust the food system, government food regulatory agencies or food suppliers.

Any scandal involving this doctor is important for the reasons I wrote about in Some Thoughts On The Dr. Oz Show. Maybe Dr. Oz did scare some Moms and other consumers but bringing attention to where our food comes from and raising suspicion about it is worthwhile. More people should know more about where their food comes from and what they’re eating. Also, the lack of trust in the FDA is appropriate because even if Dr. Oz ends up discredited he isn’t the government agency that let tainted eggs, tainted meat, ecoli and salmonella into our supermarkets.

Oh yeah and just so we don’t forget it is possible to raise your children without apple juice or make your own.

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