New York Area McDonald’s To Automatically Offer Fruit In All Happy Meals

mcdonalds healthy happy meal

Starting today all McDonald’s in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will offer fruit automatically in their Happy Meals as a part of McDonald’s new “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choice”. The initiative is supposed to “help” customers make more nutrition minded choices but I’d say if you chose to go to McDonald’s the first thought on your mind wasn’t nutrition.

“The new Happy Meal will automatically include Apple Slices (apple slices, 1/4 cup or 1/2 serving) as a side to the choice of Chicken McNuggets, a Hamburger, or Cheeseburger, and choice of beverage, of which fat-free chocolate milk and 1% white milk will be options. In addition to Apple Slices, the meal also includes a new smaller size French Fries (1.1 ounces). For those customers who prefer a side choice of apples only, two bags of apples will be available upon request.”

Still full of meat and dairy though. In a country faced with childhood obesity rates triple and even quadruple what they were 40 years ago do you really think some apple slices are going to cut it?

The fast food behemoth’s choices are also in keeping with the horrendous My Plate, recently unveiled by First lady Michelle Obama. McDonald’s claims to be committed to responsible marketing to children but the most responsible marketing to children for them would be no marketing to children. Make no mistake folks, McDonald’s is trying to decrease their liability, continue to insure lifelong customers and increase sales by getting parents to let their guard down in the face of fast food brands their children already know the names of by age 3.

Other McDonald’s are set to roll out these changes by April 2012.


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