INFOGRAPHIC: What is Peak Oil, Who Uses the Most And What Happens Next

peak oil crop

Here’s an infographic via about peak oil. You’ve heard of it and if you don’t know what it is here’s some info laid out for you about it. I think’s notes about it are important so here they are below although I don’t think we have anything else to compare peak oil to.

“There are some problems with this infographic — such as that the “Enhanced Oil Recovery” section doesn’t have a “downsides” note, which should include the fact that carbon capture and storage is not exactly proven technology. Also, comparing peak oil today to the crash of the whale oil industry in the mid-1800s is a rather apples-to-oranges comparison. Still, the overall lesson of the infographic is clear: moving beyond oil is the cleanest, safest, and smartest solution to peak oil, and to reducing our massive impact on the planet’s changing temperature.”

Peak Oil Infographic

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