Obama Oks Smog And Thousands Of Asthma And Heart Attacks Per Year

smog Zona_Leste_-_Sao_Paulo-Brasil
Photo Credit: Smog over Skyline from São Paulo city in Brazil by Gaf.arq

Ever so quietly this Labor Day Weekend President Obama announced he is directing the EPA to withdraw smog standards that would have cut smog pollution from power plants, refineries and even cars. The smog limits would have prevented 2,200 heart attacks and 23,000 asthma attacks annually. A little more smog might not seem like such a big deal but air pollution was recently found to be worse for you than cocaine. Considering the alarming asthma rates in African-American communities (every 1 in 6 has asthma) President Obama is putting his black supporters and environmentalists in a tough position when it comes to re-election.

The way things are looking the president’s only hope is banking on the lesser of 2 evils angle being the thing that drives support and votes in his favor, but he is putting even that in jeopardy. This is a move many see as a big giveaway to oil companies who are helping us pollute enough for us to never see carbon emissions get back to 350 parts per million any time soon since the president is willing to delay action until 2013.

What does this spell for the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline? The EPA standards were discussed today on Democracy Now! Check the video below.

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