VIDEO: Tar Sands Action, The Largest Environmental Civil Disobedience In A Generation

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As I watched the above video, I couldn’t help but wish I was in Washington D.C. next to the masses of people protesting the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Throughout the past few weeks, citizens from around the country have been engaged in civil disobedience at the White House, of which I deeply applaud. To date 843 protestors have been arrested, including NASA climatologist Dr. James Hansen and Environmental Author/Activist, and organizer of the event, Bill McKibben.

McKibben claims this is biggest civil disobedience for the environment in a generation, and that this is a focal point for the natural environment right now since President Obama can refuse to give a permit for the construction.

tar sands protest
Photo Credit: tarsandsaction

The pipeline would span 1,700 miles from Alberta, Canada down to Texas. The projected cost is $7 billion and it would provide about 800,000 gallons of oil per day. Although this would be beneficial, we cannot overlook the negative environmental effects this construction would have. NASA climatologist Dr. James Hansen claims if the construction goes through then it could mean “essentially game over” for the climate. Those gallons don’t seem too important if this is the potential downfall. Additionally, the pipeline would run over the largest aquifer in the United States; if a spill were to happen, it would be catastrophic.

When Obama took office he promised that the oceans would cease to rise and the planet would begin its healing. That was the change he called for, and that was the change environmentalists and the like expected to see. Now, he has the opportunity to back his words up without any interference from Congress. This is the change I, among many others, hoped for. With Obama’s eyes set on re-election, stopping this construction would almost certainly secure votes from those concerned with the natural environment. Those at home can only hope for the right outcome, just as Obama told us to do so.

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