Burger King Fires “The King”, Switches To “Healthier” Fast Food Image

burger king king

When I was a kid in the 90s, Burger King had some seriously recognizable ad appeal. The BK Kid’s Club with the golden cardboard crowns and array of crazy characters was alluring to any and all 5 to 10 year olds. Fast forward to the mid 2000’s when Burger King was losing grip on the fast food market and introduced “The King”. It undoubtedly had a magnetism for teens who found the characters’ bizarre antics entertaining, but apparently, ‘The King’ just wasn’t entertaining enough. Burger King revealed the character received his pink slip and would now be replaced with a pseudo-Subway approach to advertisement; fresh ingredients.

(If advertisers are able to make this appeal to the health nuts then they’re worth their weight in gold.)

Burger King’s sales were down 6% in the first quarter, creating a 9% gap in between them and burger titan McDonald’s. The apparent difference in marketing and strategizing being that McDonald’s quickly aligned themselves with the ‘Whole Foods effect’ that occurred within the past 5 years. Burger King is desperately attempting to latch on to the craze via introducing new advertisements and new menu items. The California Whopper is the lead product in the new ‘healthy and fresh’ line of Burger King products. The burger will feature guacamole, Swiss cheese and bacon.

Needless to say although promoted as healthy, there is nothing even remotely healthy about cheese and bacon…or Burger King’s gigantic pizza burger hybrid. This will just act as another fast food chain masquerading a quick meal, packed with calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium as a healthier option. Luckily for Burger King, America is always willing to throw itself behind great ad campaigns and a ‘quick fix’ to obesity.

Source: USA Today

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