Colon Cleansing: Doing More Harm Than Good?

digestive diagram colon

Recently a study performed by Georgetown University School of Medicine and Providence Hospital illustrated the spa staple colon cleansing might be no more than a rouse. The popular spa practice of hydrotherapy might even be doing more harm than good. Hydrotherapy involves a hose being placed in the rectum and then water gently being flooded into the intestine to assist in cleaning out any unwanted build up. Therein lies the problem, any time a foreign body is inserted into the intestine it can cause micro tears which in turn can lead to infection.

Not only has hydrotherapy proved dangerous, the teas and other ‘herbal forms’ of cleansing proved to have side effects ranging from nausea to kidney failure.

The body has a natural system for filtering and cleansing, it occurs when we defecate and urinate. Researchers agree that those that are healthy need not worry about detoxifying further than what our system already provides.

Researchers have also all come to a consensus that there is no proof that colon cleansing does anything to vastly improve digestive health. If you’re feeling a little drained, stress or anxious try adapting a healthier, balanced diet which, proves to go a lot further than momentary quick health fixes.


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