VIDEO: What Is E-Waste?

It can be an uncomfortable topic: eWaste. If you’re reading this you’re on an electronic device (unless you printed this out or something) but the term “eWaste” asks the question “What happens to my electronics when I get rid of them?” Your electronic waste is called eWaste and unless it’s properly recycled, and many times it isn’t, the harmful chemicals inside that make your smartphones and laptops run can leak out into the groundwater in landfills or harm those in other countries separating the parts for reprocessing.

While I won’t call it an answer to eWaste because you can always reduce, eCycling at least recycles the components of our electronic waste for reuse instead of dumping it in a landfill. Responsible eCycling on your part requires you to know where your recycled electronics are going and if your electronics recycler is responsible or not. Where can you eCycle your electronics? Check out the links on the EPA website or our post Amazon Lets You Trade-In Old Electronics For New Ones
eCycling is easier than you think.

If you’ve never heard of eWaste watch the video above from the good folks at GOOD.

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