Climate Change Will Lead To More Wars

point blank by jesse Wright
Photo Credit: “point blank” by Jesse Wright

It’s unfortunate that many people think of human society as being separate from, or above, nature. In reality, we are part of it. This means that the actions humans take, specifically the ones which are contributing to climate change, not only negatively effect our natural environment, but also effect our society and the way individuals and nations interact with one another. One of these interactions between nations as a result of climate change is an increased threat of war.

This was made clear by UK Climate Secretary Chris Huhne is an address made to defense experts when he stated,

“Climate change is a threat multiplier. It will make unstable states more unstable, poor nations poorer, inequality more pronounced, and conflict more likely.”

When access to food and water are threatened, as they are due to climate change, those threatened will go to all lengths in order to survive. Survival is a basic human instinct. This may mean an individual stealing water from their neighbor, or two nations fighting for control of a river. No matter how big or small, climate change is having and will continue to have, deep consequences on the thoughts and actions of our human society. We must not try to save the world, but rather we need to save ourselves.


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