DOWNLOAD: Apathy Is Living From “Check To Check”

Apathy HonkeyKong

Apathy “radiates being broke” on this track. While it might seem like that makes for a terrible, hackneyed rap song Apathy does it with such wit it’s refreshing. He’s not just “leakin money like BP with oil pipes” he’s frustrated cause making money off your music ain’t what it used to be. He name checks Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad then spits lines like “I never made it cause I never tried to make you dance” without sounding like he’s making excuses.

On the production side Evidence flips one of Andre 3000’s hottest and truest lines, giving ‘Check To Check’ its hook and title. One of the things I like the most about this song is how far into Apathy goes into broke life that he tells you what he eats. Everybody knows when you’re broke you’re diet can slide into oblivion.

CheckToCheck-DIRTY by

Apathy’s new album Honkey Kong! will be in stores August 23rd.

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