Pepsico Debuts 5 New Eco-Friendly Fountain Cups

Recyclable Compostable Pepsico

A large percentage of waste comes from packaging alone so it’s kind of nice to see Pepsico taking charge of their packaging and making it more environmentally friendly, even though Coke beat ’em to it. Now Pepsico has compostable and recyclable cup designs.

PepsiCo told

“In response to growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly beverage packaging, PepsiCo recently expanded its fountain cup portfolio to offer five new options of eco-friendly recyclable and compostable cups to its U.S. Foodservice customers. They include:

* rPET fully recyclable clear plastic cups
* #1 PET fully recyclable clear plastic cups
* #5 PP fully recyclable clear plastic cups
* Compostable Wax paper cups
* Compostable PLA paper cups

Through choice, we’re empowering Foodservice customers to select the right green cup option based on locally available recycling, composting and disposal facilities, and have partnered with to provide consumers access to more local information.”

Let’s not get confused here- while these are good steps toward a sustainable future these are still soda cups (we know what soda can do to us) and fairly large serving size ones at that. Guard your health.


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