50 Cent Wants To Sell You Vitamins


Queens rapper and mogul 50 Cent made the cover of Black Enterprise magazine and January and why not? He sure is an enterprising Black man. In addition to teaming up with UberMedia to launch a customized Twitter theme for their Blackberry Application, UberSocial, titled “Uber50” Curtis Jackson is said to be looking to go from selling Vitamin Water to sell vitamins.

In an interview with billboard.com founder and CEO of Violator and Brand Asset Group, and long time manager of 50 Cent, Chris Lighty, said this about 50’s future plans:

“We’re working on a new supplement company,” he said. “We’re going to build new supplements cause it’s a big opportunity like Vitamin Water was. We want to market and promote it when we put out 50’s album.

There are different options of penetration for supplements through music; like going to GNC [for] protein shakes, vitamins, [etc.]. No beverage. When you go to a vitamin shop, there’s no one of pop culture [representing], it’s mostly muscle heads. We’ll cut through the clutter with 50 in the store saying, ‘You want to be 10% of me so take what I’m taking.'”

I don’t know about this one. While I’m not opposed to vitamins and supplements, and while 50 Cent may be a good fit to sell vitamins, I would like to see more of a focus on nutrition. We can argue what you eat is none of 50’s business and he’s looking to sell a product but that need not be your focus too. What are you eating? Do you really think 50 looks the way he looks because of vitamins and shakes? What do you think he eats?

Would you buy vitamins from 50 Cent? Would it depend on the product not his endorsement of it?

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