What’s On Your Plate Urban Organic Gardener @CanarsieBK?

Photo Credit: “CanariseBK image” Mike Lieberman

Seven questions designed to let me get all in your business while showing others people can choose and change their diets all the time. No judgments here I just want to know what’s on your plate?

Name: CanarsieBK aka Mike Lieberman

Occupation: Green Business Website Marketer, Blogger at urbanorganicgardener.com, “not a gardener”.
Twitter: @ CanarsieBK

How would you describe your dietary choices?

I eat a predominantly plant-based diet.

What shaped this diet?

It started off as health reasons. I ate a Standard American Diet for years sans the fast food and would get sick often. Every 2-3 months, I’d have a cold or flu. I wasn’t very happy about it and went to my doctor. He just wanted to pump me up with meds, which I wasn’t cool with, so I started to look for alternative methods. As I began to read more, I started to learn more about factory farming and the food industry.

Photo Credit: “Day 330: Ate Vegan Meals All Day” by CanarsieBK

What won’t you eat under any circumstances?

As of right now, I will not eat any factory farmed animals. Haven’t in over 4 years now.

When was the last time you had fast food?

Honestly, I can’t even recall off the top of my head. I’d say maybe 2003 or 2004 possibly.

Photo Credit: “Food. February 22, 2011” by CanarsieBK

What does your mom/family think about your diet?

At first they weren’t very accepting and still give me a hard time, but that’s them and their insecurities. They all have their own health issues that they should worry about and not focus on me. I’m fine.

What’s the most difficult thing for you about your diet?

There is nothing difficult about it. It’s my lifestyle. It’s not a diet. A diet comes to an end.

Photo Credit: “Balcony Garden. March 24, 2011” by CanarsieBK

What’s your favorite food or vice?

Honestly I don’t think that I really have one or one that I can identify.

What did you have for breakfast today?

What I have for breakfast everyday a green smoothie. This mornings consisted of black kale, fuji apple and some other herbal powders (astragalus, triphala and lucuma).

Thanks again for the opportunity.

Thank you CanarsieBK! That was actually 8 questions but there was so much good stuff to share!

If you haven’t checked out CanarsieBK’s blog urbanorganicgardener.com you should. He’s got video blogs, great insights, solid information and a real desire to show you how he lives that empowers by showing you you can do it too.

You will like it and you can thank me for putting you on to him later!

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