Mack 10 Gets Six Inches From His Stomach Removed


West Coast rapper Mack 10 is recovering from stomach surgery on Monday April 11th and 6 inches of “six inches of the problem area in his stomach were removed.”

Mack 10, born Dedrick Rolison, was admitted to the hospital after experiencing acute abdominal pains last week. The 39 year old was diagnosed with diverticulitis which causes a swelling of the intestines. Left untreated, diverticulitis can cause inflammation or abscessing due to stool spilling from the colon into the abdomen.

Mack 10 is expected to make a full recovery although he will remain under doctor’s care at the hospital for 10 days. His collaboration album with fellow L.A. rapper Glasses Malone, ‘Money Music,’ was still released on Tuesday, April 12th on Mack’s Hoo Bangin’ Records label.

Seems like the issue here, thankfully, is Mack 10’s health and recovery, not Mack 10’s health, recovery and medical debt.


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