Higher Learning: Weed Smoker Launches Marijuana State University

Photo Credit: Jorge Barrios

“There’s a huge need for [knowledge], and some people aren’t sure where to get it.” -Ray Logan

Ray Logan, a 56-year-old marijuana smoker of 30 years has launched an academic institution based solely on growing high-grade marijuana.

Marijuana State University’s slogan is “An Institute for Cannabis Growing Knowledge”. Logan’s first classes were held in Maine. The classes are 3 hour workshops costing $79, with a reduced fee of $59 for students, senior citizens and veterans. The classes generated interest among medical marijuana patients tired of paying hundreds for an ounce of the green stuff.

“A lot of people just want to learn how to grow and it’s not an easy plant to grow,” Logan told FoxNews.com. “It’s not just sticking a seed in soil and that’s it.”

So how does Logan get away with teaching a class like this? Well, firstly Logan is a legal marijuana user and secondly he uses basil and cayenne pepper plants in class demonstrations instead of actual cannabis. He has still gotten attention from law enforcement for taking advantage of the sick, teaching how to make marijuana growing into a business and potentially producing a network whose supply “exceeds the demand of registered patients”.

Today’s Grow Tip:
Remember: Humidity is important during the drier winter months (well always), don’t go below 40%, and 50-60% is great.

This isn’t the first marijuana school. California’s Oaksterdam University, known as America’s first “cannabis college,” offers a range of courses for growers. They’ve also enrolled more than 17,000 people since they opened in 2007.

whether you scoff or applaud at this school the principles of good gardening are worth learning and they are such practical skills. It doesn’t get much greener than this.

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