VIDEO: Artist Does Graffiti On The Water


Photo Credit: Thomas Pagani

“From Writing on water is like writing down a thought in order to keep it secure even when it is shaken by the course of life, to distinguish the important things from those you should just let flow by.” -Guildor

Artist Guildor had this to offer, writing on water, what a concept!


Wouldn’t it be great if our environments had art that popped up in public spaces like this that said things like “Love, let the rest flow”? Maybe I’m biased… I thought this was a cool project cause it makes real life scenes like ads with words over things but it isn’t selling anything but maybe art? Thought? Love? What’s not to like about that?


The two Italian sentences, made in Treviso are:

Think thoughtless

Happiness happens

The other one, made in Milan, is:

Love, let the rest flow


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