Do Overweight Moms And Children Realize They’re Overweight?

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According to a Columbia University Medical Center study done on people in New York City many don’t realize how much they weigh. If they don’t realize how much they weight why would they do anything to change their weight and avoid all the negative effects of being obese or overweight?

The women and children who participated int he study were asked to estimate their body size, and researchers also computed their real size.

Researchers said 82% of obese women underestimated their weight and 86% of overweight or obese children did. In contrast, only 13 to 15% of normal weight people underestimated their own weight.

“Almost half of women with overweight or obese children believed that their children were of normal weight.’’ -Nicole Dumas, researcher, Columbia University Medical Center

I wonder if the children and Moms are able to see each other’s weights clearly and if they could be of some help to each other because of that? At least if the Moms can see the children are overweight that would help a lot.


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