Chef David Chang Takes The Pork Off His Fork


“Maybe we’ll stop selling belly soon,” he said. “It would be nice to find other cuts of pork that aren’t so played out. You want to be sustainable; you want to use the whole pig, man.”

Korean American Chef David Chang has been reportedly “obsessed” with vegetables lately after spending years putting pork on his and everyone else’s forks. According to the owner of New York City hot spot Momofuku Noodle Bar went to a Buddhist temple in South Korea, not for a retreat, but to learn the diet of the monks.

Momofuku’s famous porkbun

“Sustainability has been at the core of the Korean Buddhist diet for centuries. Korean temple cuisine follows several strict rules: no meat, no fish, almost all ingredients (like mugwort and deodeok, herbs prized for their medicinal qualities) must be grown or picked on or near temple grounds.”


I like how according to Chang a part of an animal can be “played out” but using the whole pig is a good look.

He continued:

“There’s a big movement in Europe towards naturalism right now. And Asia was doing it before Europe.”


I have a lot of respect for Chang, his drive and the lateral thought he applies to his food. Chang presenting tasty alternatives is good for everybody, including meat eaters who may be tempted to expand their palettes or partake in a meatless Monday here every now and then. Oh yeah, the pigs will be happy too.

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