Adidas Announces 100% Sustainable Cotton Apparel Initiative

RunDMC Adidas

There are lots of moves being made on the eco-fashion front and I’m glad to see eco-consciousness in sportswear and athletic wear. Adidas is the latest making changes. According to

“Adidas’ Environmental Strategy 2015 has the overall goal of lowering its environmental impact by 15 percent by 2015, relative to sales. Within that are many more goals covering product design, sourcing, marketing, company operations and other points in product life cycles.”

Adidas is specifically targeting cotton. They’re shooting for 100% of the cotton they use to meet the Better Cotton Initiative’s standards by 2018 with a 40% goal to meet the standards by 2015. So they’ll be competing with Nike for all that organic cotton.

Yeah it’s “The fabric of our lives” but cotton growing has proven to be harmful for the environment as I wrote about in Why Buy Organic Cotton?

As far as design is concerned you might notice a change since Adidas will cut the number of colors it uses in half. It currently uses about 800.

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