VIDEO: Waka Flocka Flame Does Commercial For PETA


Popular rapper with a terrible name Waka Flocka Flame recently did a video for PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). In the video Waka says he doesn’t eat red meat cause he’s seen videos of a cow getting beat down. He also says he doesn’t agree with circuses cause he thinks forcing animals to perform is wrong and he wouldn’t want to be forced to shake his dreads harder on stage.

I can’t help but to feel like someone at PETA is so happy that Waka compared himself to an animal or put himself in an animal’s place here. And of course, he has an “Ink, not Mink” photoshoot for PETA where he is shirtless because PETA enjoys playing with Black men and slavery imagery. I swear, just like with the Nia Long video, the PETA reps involved in this probably 1) Peed in their pants cause they actually got to meet a real live Black person and 2) Showed some extreme animal cruelty videos 3) Peed in their pants cause they found these Black folks to be incredibly coach-able.

I’ve written about my issues with PETA before so you can read all about it.

Watch the video below and tell me your thoughts on it.


  1. People eating tasty animals against People Eating Tasty Animals

    Contrary to popular belief, peta does NOT stand for ethical treatment of animals: they should know better than to scare young kids into thinking their parents kill animals or kill countless pups and felines for no reason or brainwash people into going naked for their cause against their will.
    peta = NOVA: Nasty Obnoxious Villains for Animals
    People Eating Tasty Animals: At least we don’t lie about BACKGAMMON!

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