Remember You’re Still A Joke: “Hip Hop” Cupcakes In Blackface, Ain’t Nothin Sweet


As if I can’t watch TV or listen to the radio and ask myself “What’s so Hip Hop about that?” enough here we have another example of products being pushed using the phrase “Hip Hop” while having nothing to do with Hip Hop.

A reader sent this ad in to the good folks over at Apparently, Duncan Hines has an ad for “Hip Hop cupcakes” in blackface and as pointed out by writer Arturo R. Garcia the video has no Hip Hop in it and seems to take its cues from the California Raisins commercials.

No word on the nutrition facts for Hip Hop cupcakes but I think it’s safe to say these cupcakes aren’t good for anyone.

Description: “Watch how Amazing Glazes make any delicious dessert “sing.”
Created by Josh Binder, a Chicago-based director, “Hip Hop Cupcakes” is the first of a series of four videos made by Filmaka in partnership with Duncan Hines. Each director offers their own interpretation of the passion, creativity and fun behind baking that the Amazing Glazes toppings inspire.”

I don’t know about you but Sambo imagery has always kind of scared me. Firstly, no one looks like that and secondly, there was a sense of the ghastly image being related to something or someone devoid of humanity to me even as a child.

Here’s the opposite, in a sense, photos of what African American intellect W.E.B. DuBois called “The Talented Tenth” via

While there is a rigidity and even reactionary impulse here, it’s still a more accurate portrayal of what Black people were and acted like. We could go on and on about the talented tenth but I came across these links in the same
hour so I thought I’d share.


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