REVIEW: Rookie TV- “The Wackest Mixtape EVER”


Well, we never wanted to be rappers, in fact we still aren’t. Just cause you can write a lyric and ride a beat doesn’t make you a rapper and I think that is what we are trying to prove. We just wanted to show our allegiance as fans of hip hop. ~Rookie

With lines like that and a title like Rookie TV Presents: Wackest Mixtape EVER you might expect this project to be pretty terrible. I already knew a thing or two about Rookie TV so I expected it to be funny, maybe a clever parody on mixtapery. It’s actually one of the most solid mixtapes I’ve heard in a while.

One thing that becomes clear with 1 listen is that these guys love Hip Hop and are committed to a more authentic vision of it. They love it so much they bothered to do some quality control here! The Chicago natives proudly showcased local talent like Rashid Hadee, Philip, and Savant whom we reviewed.

Standouts for me: The very solid “We Comin'” and “Track & Field”, the laid back groove of “Don’t Stop” (last verse, whew!), and “PORN” sounds…like they really lived it!

Don’t forget the funny: the “Two Bobs” skits “Mean Muggin”, the new take on Dave Hollister’s “One Woman Man” which became “Jenny Craig Man”, and the “Shit Skit”.

This review is long overdue and I need a supersized latepass for this! It’s free though, you can still download it and the good folks at were nice enough to put together a track by track run through with videos (!) for you which you can check out at Rookie TV: The Wackest Mixtape EVER (Track by Track)


Stay tuned you guys…

We have another album coming out called Rookie TV Presents The Wackest Mixtape EVER Vol. 2 Wackness Revisited which is set to drop April 1st.” ~Rookie

So Rookie TV aren’t rappers but they did a good job and guess what? They’re also good bloggers. I recommend

Check out Rookie TV videos at

Peace to team Rookie TV!


  1. Rookie

    WOW, that was done so well I felt like you were talking about some other group LMAO!!! Thanks so much for this very insightful and fact filled write-up, I feel this definitely will become my favorite one very fast HAHA!

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