The Shade Cobain Theory: An Interview With Producer Shade Cobain Pt2

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In case you missed it, read part 1 of The Shade Cobain Theory. Here in Part 2 we discuss the music industry, Kurt Cobain, environment and why all Shade Cobain’s projects end in the word “theory.

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Recently one of Kurt Cobain’s letters was auctioned at Julien’s. The Winning bid: $12,800! In it he says “Dear Empty TV/ the entity of all Corporate / GODS / We will survive without you/ easily – – the / oldschool is going / DOWN FAST…”

What on the current music scene do you think is “going DOWN FAST”?
The lyrical content and how the audience really cares about everything else except the music. It’s like the image is first, everything else second.

You have these well thought out, carefully conceived projects like Cassette Theory…
I don’t like an album with a bunch of songs unrelated. I think of what I want to do, research and really get into that project to the very last detail. I love using my mind.


You’re very good at weaving a theme consistently throughout a project. Seems like this brain usage of yours puts you in more of an executive position. Homeboy Sandman is starting a few projects where he works with only 1 producer for the whole album. Sounds like your forte. Do you think this is what rap needs?
It really does.

I’ve heard producers say their work isn’t just “free beats”. What’s your response as a producer when you put an instrumental on the net and a rapper you don’t know rhymes over it?
I grew up rapping over various beat tapes and I get sick and tired of cats rhyming over industry beats. So it’s a way to give back to the MCs.

You’re a giver. What’s behind your penchant for the word “theory” in your projects?
I’m a big A Tribe Called Quest fan. When they dropped Low-End Theory, the title alone grabbed me. Two years ago I told my boy people have opinions but no facts to back it up. I’m going to make a theory out of everything I do…and I did!

I didn’t make the Tribe connection *slaps self on forehead*
But it’s funny, everybody has a theory now…even Jigga.


So what is the Shade Cobain Theory?
Good music from my heart. Authentic Hip Hop/Nu Soul.

What’s the environmental issue keeping you up at night?
Garbage disposal. There’s so much that’s not biodegradable. Don’t you think some airborne disease can form with all the chemicals, bile, or whatever?

I know chemicals in landfills get into the groundwater where some of our drinking water comes from. Also a lot of plastic sent to recycling isn’t recycled and ends up in a giant mass in the middle of the Pacific ocean the size of Texas. I suppose waste sites are a breeding ground for disease.
There’s gotta be another way to do disposal, like make it into some type of energy.

There’s a way to do that, of course it’s not as popular in the US as in Europe. src:
Of course jimmy carter shrug #shruglife I think we do, but not profitable to the g o v t. We would all do fine if we could recycle our garbage into some type of energy

We could also generate less garbage. Scott tissue just started selling tubeless rolls of toilet tissue.

What’s next for Shade Cobain?
Roy Porter’s Sound System Beat Review EP, Varsity Squad, my group along with MCs Jon Quest and Beedie, and MONSTRO, my first full length project with some surprise features! And some podcasts in 2011. I love being busy.

Then you’re in love all the time. Thanks!

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