Is Environmentalism Missing A Little Bit O’Soul?


At home one night with nothing to watch on TV I came across an infomercial for a TIMELife music box set from the 1970s.  On the paid program was a song the got me thinking “What are environmentalism is missing?”

The song was “A Little Bit O’Soul” by Music Explosion. A British band making soulful music created by African Americans.  Aside from arguments about appropriating Black music, clearly for these guys across the pond to want to imitate this sound in the first place there was something about it that moved them.

Now when you’re feelin’ low and the fish won’t bite
You need a little bit o’ soul to put you right ♪

Music Explosion- “A Little Bit O’Soul”

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I thought it was interesting, maybe even idealistic and naive to think a little bit of soul was enough to make a difference, but maybe there’s something to that.

And when your party falls ’cause there’s nobody groovin’
A little bit of soul and it really starts movin’, yeah ♫

Maybe what going green is missing is a little bit of soul, ways to appeal to people’s heart and soul not just their minds cause we aren’t all swayed by data and statistics. Nor should we be. It takes more. It’s just the way humans are wired.   

And as you go through life tryin’ to reach your goal
Just remember what I said about a little bit o’ soul ♪

Maybe a little bit of soul would do us all some good in all our actions including going green and spreading word about it so people can feel it.

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