The Price Of Black Friday


It’s the first Friday since Black Friday but frankly I’m still appalled. 

At Target on Black Friday when the doors opened a stampede of early bird shoppers trampled over a man lying on the ground.  The Target was in North Buffalo.  When store officials became aware of the incident when they heard screams.  The injured man was hospitalized, treated and released also in the video below he’s doubled over in pain.

Frenzied shoppers seem to be turning to Cyber Monday to take advantage of holiday deals but how much of what’s being bought isn’t even necessary?  How much will be thrown out or never used?  If a person can be trampled and hurt or killed for these deals have we really considered what the price actually is?  How far would you go if the price was right?  What is your price?

This track comes courtesy of Pittsburgh producer Shade Cobain.  It’s a smart track and hopefully it will provide some food for thought this holiday season.  Those are still free.

Bounce!!!” -Shade Cobain

Black Friday (The Price) by Shade Cobain

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