Cee Lo Green Covers Kings of Leon’s “Radioactive”


“Radioactive” by Kings Of Leon is one of my favorite songs of any genre by far right now. The bass is irresistible and so is that infinitely repeatable hook. Cee Lo’s on fire lately and just sticking it in your face the fact that as a multitalented and true artist he never really has to rap again.

Cee Lo did this Radio 1 live-in-the-studio take of “Radioactive”. Lo picks up on the original’s gospel tones well and is pretty faithful to the original. The guitar and piano are a nice touch here giving Lo’s version a grounded feel that he sounds comfortable in. It doesn’t sound like a song I’d believe Cee Lo made originally though, I guess because if we’ve learned anything from “Use Somebody” KOL are very talented at making a song that’s almost all hook. Cee Lo, I’d imagine would have more fleshed out verses, but “Radioactive” is about a feeling. Either you feel this song, be it the cover or the original, or not.

You’ll like the cover more than the Kings Of Leon’s video for “Radioactive” which has some very strange imagery and lots of Black kids.

Cee Lo Green- “Radioactive”

Here’s the original if you’ve never heard it. It will be on the radio and in your head till Christmas at least. It’s off the Come Around Sundown album

Kings Of Leon- “Radioactive”

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