Sarah Palin’s TV Show Lost Almost Half Of Its Viewers


According to Vanity Fair it seems chronic over-saturation and relentless product pushing has led to disinterest in former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s TLC television show Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Between twitter, facebook, Dancing With The Stars and Sarah Palin’s book tour, the public has so many options for following the Palins no one needs to watch her show to get their Palin fix. So it’s not Palin’s faux environmentalism that turned people off, it’s Sarah Palin. Good to know.

I blame the left for overhyping the already overhyped threat of Sarah Palin. Betting on the short attention span of Americans is a safer bet than betting on anyone’s popularity. This must mean is also not as big a threat as they’re made out to be.
I predict Sarah Palin is going to pull an Al Gore and opt out of politics in favor of being a celebrity. We all know those Palins really like the money too.

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Src: Why Sarah Palin’s Alaska Lost Nearly Half Its Viewers

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