Kanye West Expands Fatburger Empire


The name of the store was my idea. I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it . . . a meal in itself.” ~Lovie Yancey, founder of Fatburger

Quincy Jones may think Kanye West is “just a rapper” West doesn’t see himself that way. He sees himself as a business man. The Chicago native’s company, Kw Foods Llc, purchased the rights to the Fatburger fast food franchise and will open 10 restaurants around his hometown over the next few months.

Lovie Yancey

West already operates 2 of the chains in Orland Park and Beverly. Other rappers who invested in the company, include Queen Latifah, who also sells “vitamined” water, E-40 and Pharrell Williams.

It’s nice to see rappers invest in businesses, especially brick and mortar type businesses as opposed to launching fashion companies through a series of deals, that have little lasting power. They, however, don’t own these businesses, they are franchisees or investors.

While Fatburger’s founder, Lovie Yancey, was African American, Fog Cutter Capital Group currently owns Fatburger Holdings, Inc..fatburger-shot

What’s so great about selling fast food to people? 12 Fatburgers in Chicago owned by Kanye West sounds like quite a lot fatburgers being eaten, not just sold, to me. Sure we can say burgers are a “sometimes food” but we can also say the Black community and this country has a problem with unhealthy foods, diabetes, heart disease and the list goes on.

Fatburger ain’t the only game in town. That’s a heavy concentration of fast food outlets in one city. I wonder what the saturation level of supermarkets, farmers markets, food co-ops and community gardens there are there? Chicago has made moves to become a greener city but if it’s easier to get a burger than broccoli we have a problem.


In 1999 former talk-show host Montel Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In 2007 he opened Fatburgers stores in Colorado. In 2009 he began endorsing the Living Well Healthmaster juicer (It’s more than just a blender). I wonder if he eats Fatburgers to live well or if he just sells them to you and your kids?

Our food industry, meat processing and fast food industry cause so much damage that if I’m supposed to be impressed by these celebrities and their business acumen I’d need to get my head examined.

So why can’t Kanye West use all that “Power” for good instead of hawking burgers, cologne and clothes? Why do Black celebrities, specifically rappers, take part in businesses that can hurt the community or at least not help the community?

Src: Kanye West Releases My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Develops New Side Businesses – The Daily Beast

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