Jay Electronica, Toure and Nikola Tesla Walk Into A Bar…

“Exhibit C” EP Artwork

I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success…such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” ~Nikola Tesla

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the way to my heart is through insightful analysis of Hip Hop and rap music. Food is also good.

Yesterday rappersiknow.com posted music journalist Toure’s analysis of Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”, which I wrote about before when music journalist Harry Allen tweeted the song’s praises. I’m still more impressed by “Exhibit A (Transformations)”. Yes, some things were obvious that Toure pointed out in “Exhibit C: Decoded”, but I’ll take those gold stars and put them in my pocket and won’t bother you with my “I already knew that.”

And I won’t attempt to summarize “Exhibit C: Decoded” here. Instead I just want to add to the conversation and encourage you to read it.

You can read that straight from Toure or via rappersiknow.com

Above: Jay Electronica, Toure and Nikola Tesla

Here’s the comment I would’ve posted on rappersiknow.com but I knew it was too damn long for a comment.

I thought Benhameen’s comment “Amazed that Toure has never heard of Nikki Tesla” was kind of funny, but I know he’s not the only one. I’d like to add perhaps another layer: Nikola Tesla was sort of an underdog, his name lost in history to many whereas Thomas Edison is still revered as an electrical engineering giant. Electronica is also a bit of an underdog or an unTesla was an immigrant, an ethnic Serb in the Austrian Empire who later became an American citizen. This picks up on Jay Electronica’s travel theme, he himself was a migrant from the South to the Northeast, eventually becoming an “immigrant” in the UK in “Exhibit C”. Both Electronica and Tesla moved to New York.

Immigrants are a self selecting group of people who can have a reputation as a successful group where they move to, but this is related to the fact that to be an immigrant you need to have “the get up and go” to…well, get up and go. No matter how bad it is in a country everybody doesn’t leave, only some, that’s one of the reasons why.


By leaving the South in the first place Electronica showed some of the get up and go/self starter characteristic that suggests he had this potential within him even when he was “sleeping” on the train. He was sleeping before he was enlightened and this speaks to the potential within us all to transform. How often do we not realize how our past experiences have prepared us for what we’re about to do or that we had the potential all along?

Wise men don’t roll up on people they don’t see anything in. Odds are he seemed like an “immigrant” like he wasn’t from around NY which may have made them notice his rhymes in the first place. Perhaps as Yankees they were impressed by a Southern rapper with skills (pointing to Northern/Southern Hip Hop divisions) or one the rhymes like a New Yorker.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica Ft. Nas -“Exhibit C++” (Hasan Insane Remix)

Like Tesla he gave his new home a great gift, a creation, light. Electronica also says “Nikka Tesla” as if they’re friends or have some great familiarity. The syllables fit but this choice suggests a relationship and in their bios there sort of is one.

Peace to Toure.

GREEN FACT: Nikola Tesla was a multidisciplinary genius who invented alternating current electricity, among other things, which we still use today. His concepts are important now as environmentalists are encouraging the Obama administration to update the electrical grid in the US as a public works campaign to boost the economy and help stop global warming, possibly with solar power energy.

Tesla was a pioneer of solar and hydroelectric power and even developed plans for free electricity over 90 years ago. Doesn’t get much greener than that.

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