Scott To Roll Out Tubeless Tissue Rolls


Here we have another case of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where Reducing clearly comes out on top. Kimberley-Clark is testing tube-free toilet tissue rolls. Starting next month Scott Naturals sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in the northeast U.S. will be tube-free.

How will they do it? Well, they already wind their tissue tubeless on rolls of tissue for businesses.

According to The U.S. creates about 160 million pounds of waste from the 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced annually. The recycling rate for paper in the U.S. is around 63 percent, and that rate includes all types of paper, and means plenty of tubes are going to the trash (or, possibly, craft projects).

Scott Naturals even had a poll conducted of consumers, finding that 37 percent frequently recycle cardboard toilet paper tubes and 50 percent throw them away.

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