Jail Recipes Cooking Show: “Pulpo & Calamares In Rice”


You know I like onions, even in my cereal.” -Thirstin Howl the 3rd

This is the first episode of Jail Recipes, a hilarious cooking show, with your host Thirstin Howl the 3rd, also known as Chef Survival Kit. After doing some time behind bars Thirstin was generous enough to make this program to show us how to make meals we’ve only heard about from ex-cons in our neighborhoods.

In this episode Thirstin makes “pulpo and calamares (octopus and squid) in rice” with Grandma’s original cooking utensils straight from her kitchen and pots older than him. “There’s a lotta years of flavor left behind in them” he says touching the dark spots on a pan then licking his finger.

This show’s got everything, even viewer jail mail, but no “bitches” cause “Pimpin ain’t paying and it ain’t in the budget.” I promise you won’t even miss the bitches cause this is “a jail recipe so good, you gotta try it at home.”

Shouts to the homies at rookietelevision.wordpress.com

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