The McDonald’s McRib Locator


It doesn’t sell well all year long because people get tired of it.” -McDonald’s USA President Jan Fields

Starting November 2 McDonald’s Corp will once again offer the McRib nationwide, but only for 6 weeks. Despite Fields’ statement above here’s a more facts about the McRib and its locator than you never wanted to know.

so-fresh-favicon-32There are many “McRib Followers” and about 300 Facebook groups devoted to the McRib, including “Bring back the McRib, Please,” with more than 500 members.

so-fresh-favicon-32The boneless pork sandwich (sculpted to look like a slab of ribs) seems to be in demand.

so-fresh-favicon-32McDonald’s introduced the McRib Sandwich in 1981.

so-fresh-favicon-32A 28-year-old meteorologist who grew up on a hog farm in South Dakota named Alan Klein created the McDonald’s McRib Locator.

so-fresh-favicon-32Klein “justified his craving by saying that eating McRibs supported the family business. After moving to Minnesota for college, he had trouble finding McRibs. Five years ago, he visited South Dakota and saw the sandwich at a McDonald’s near his childhood home. ‘It rekindled my love of McRibs and made me start thinking it would be nice to know where they were,’ Klein says.”

so-fresh-favicon-32He launched the McRib Locator 3 years ago.


If you go to, depending on your internet speed, you can see a US map with little indicator popping up for the nationwide locations where the McRib has been spotted.

If you’ve sighted one you can enter the location there and apparently there have been many sightings. The indicators multiply and multiply right before your eyes in a way that lets you know odds are Americans can get more excited about a pork sandwich than midterm elections.


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  1. Shalori

    OY! we just called our nearby Mc’s to see if they have any ribs. Nope! nada… why put it on the menu if it isnt available??? Its a GOOD scrumptious sandwich. How about it Mc’s? put it on the menu for 24/7 366 days a week.

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