Eco Fashion Brand Rapanui Wins RSPCA Good Business Award

rapanui award

We hope our business can inspire other young people, even if they have no job and no money, that they can be a success too – whether you wear a suit or flip flops” -Rob and Martin Drake-Knight of Rapanui

Congratulations to Rapanui for winning the RSPCA Good Business Award! So what’s this award for, you ask? According to the RSPCA Awards website:
For 2010, the awards will recognise the very best businesses in the UK in the fashion and food retail industries. By best business, we mean those that show innovation and excellence in advancing animal welfare, those that go the extra mile to include animal welfare as part of their ethical business policy.

In the fashion awards, the RSPCA recognises fashion industry companies working hard to meet consumer demand for more information on the source of raw materials for their products is key to improving animal welfare.

Well done fellas!

Brothers Mart and Rob Drake-Knight, founders of Rapanui clothing, have created a company where every step of the production is as environmentally conscious as possible. Now 25 and 23 respectively, Rob and Martin Drake-Knight founded their company with £200 of savings and are now listed on the Future 100 list of top young entrepreneurs.

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