Weezer Covers Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart”

weezer hurley toni braxton

I was just thinking about this song and how it should be covered, but who should be the one to cover it? The furthest thing from my mind was 90s rock band Weezer.

Enter: A cover of the Toni Braxton 90’s classic taken from the band’s odds & ends Death To False Metal rarities compilation out November 2st.

Weezer- “Unbreak My Heart”


Lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s forlorn vocals aren’t as strong as R&B queen Toni Braxton’s but he does manage to capture the feeling of heartbreak. The cover doesn’t stray from the original much and Simon Cowell might call it “karaoke”, but it’s less lonely and comes together more at the end when the background vocals kick in.

Maybe with the royalties Toni Braxton can get out of bankruptcy. “Hands Tied” off of her latest album, Pulse is pretty dope, you should check it out.

Still, this is an odd song, maybe it would be better acoustic. What do you think?

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