Rapper Rhymefest Runs For Office In Chicago


The priority is to return the community back to the people that live here.” -Che “Rhymefest” Smith

Some will say blame Wyclef, but Grammy award winning rapper Che “Rhymefest” Smith seems to be running a far more realistic campaign for Alderman in Chicago’s 20th Ward. He’s even intends to involve his fellow Chi-town rappers like Kanye West and the mountain climbing Lupe Fiasco in economic initiatives. Some say the youth won’t show up at the notoriously under attended mid term elections, as is the case with most Americans.

Many rappers are muscled into making political statements about the community (as they should be) and at times the Hip Hop community thought our favorite rappers might run for office. Guess what? They didn’t and we shouldn’t have thought they would, but when one volunteers to commit to really representing the people we should support that type of initiative.

Rhymefest will be running against incumbent Alderman Willie Cochran in the November general election.


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