Antoine Dodson New Pitchman For Sex Offender Tracker App


Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson is now pitching a “sex offender tracker from ””. According to their site “Sex Offender Tracker App is a new mobile app that provides users with access to the location of registered sex offenders through the lens of augmented reality.” It claims to also “provide detailed additional information about registered sex offenders.” Dodson animatedly explains how the app works in the same outfit he wore in his now infamous TV news interview after an attempted sexual assault on his sister.

Despite the fact that he’s sold over 100,000 songs on iTunes, more than 35 million have viewed his “Bed Intruder” YouTube video, he’s got an unauthorized Halloween costume that sold out twice we can overlook the fact that Antoine Dodson’s sister’s attacker still hasn’t been caught.

I was just reading about how sex trafficking of young girls is on the rise in cities and suburbs. To see the screenshots of this app at work is actually pretty scary. See screenshots

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