VIDEO: Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street -“Whip My Hair” (Fraggle Roc Nation Remix)


Willow Smith’s new video for “Whip My Hair” has the fortune or being released around the same time Sesame Street’s song for Black girls called “I Love My Hair” is in the news too. Now this manicured, auto-tuned 9 year old who looks and sounds well over 10 seems like part of a movement, which makes her even more unstoppable. Yeah and if you’re a hater she will shake you off.

The hair whipping is essentially the Jamaican dancehall dance “The Dutty Wine” which has actually caused broken necks in Jamaica. Careful with all that hair whipping you guys.

She’s so past the “I Love My Hair” self esteem stage and is in full on “If you got it, flaunt it” mode, which in it’s way is kind of disturbing enough. You just can’t stop the momentum here so Willow’s sassy, repetitive chant of a song has already spawned a Sesame Street Fraggle Roc Nation Remix.

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