Why Goat Will NEVER Be The New Beef In The US

Apparently goats are in vogue now as I wrote about in Is Goat Meat The New Beef?

My belief is goat meat will never be the new beef in the US because the US is the US and by the definition of people who use phrases like this, the US is First World. So we consider ourselves anyway. Eating goat meat would ask the American eater to pretty much relinquish his or her First Worldiness and privilege to not eat what Third Worlders eat.

As a result goats will never have the marketing and PR team necessary for a proper meat industry takeover or to change the minds of its potential American fans. As I learned in writing Why Aren’t We Eating Chicken For Breakfast? “the introduction of a food like cereal was largely due to marketing by people like J.H. Kellogg, W.K. Kellogg and C.W. Post and their cereal companies.”

I think Americans will reject goat meat, except those who enjoy meals from other cultures and a Whole Foods class of shoppers. At the decline of this American empire that last thing most in the US will want to do is eat something they perceive as being Third World or uncivilized.

I think no marketer will want to take on the challenge of challenging American palettes on behalf of the goat or the environment, though the environmental argument holds no real weight if other systemic changes will be made.

So I predict there will be no goats in Walmart anytime soon. Is sustainability enough of an argument for you to eat goat? Have you ever had goat meat? Do you think goat meat will ever catch on in the states?


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