Seeing Suge’s (Star Slinger, Emay, Blackbird Blackbird) New Single: “Breaking”

Breaking Cover

Even though I’ve equalized and balanced
accumulated change and reiterated my talent
I’ma be the same sloppy Joe, slippery, hardly knows diddly
jumping out when he’s never ready like minute me
Broken glass shatters like frozen black platters
getting smashed in bits by multi mass hammers

Friend to the blog rapper/producer Emay has been collaborating with Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger on a project called Seeing Suge.

Here’s a taste of the fruit of their labors- the title track on their Debut EP, “Breaking”. This lovely piece of art captures the title with lyrics that sound like a letter from Emay to you written on a broken mirror complemented and strengthened by Star Slinger’s ambient, thoughtful production and Blackbird Blackbird’s haunting background vocals. Well done fellas.

Seeing Suge- “Breaking”


Along with “Breaking” the collaborators decided to include one new, unreleased track each.

Blackbird Blackbird offers a take on Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” called “Little Respect” that’s an electronic departure from the original.

Star Slinger offered a Dilla-esque track called “1987”.

Emay has included a track called “Sleep” that’s going to be premiered on his yet unnamed full length album. We do know, however, that the album is built samples from the shoegaze band Slowdive.

Check out my interview with Emay with a free download Back 2 Beats: Q&A With Emay, Creator Of Emay, Karen O, And The Kids

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