Queen Latifah Wants To Sell You Water

Actress Queen Latifah, who never raps anymore, will still not be rapping.  Instead Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment will be selling us flavored, vitamined water.

No, not VitaminWater, vitamined water.  And no “vitamined” is not a word but bottled vitamined water probably shouldn’t be a product either.

Latifah is now a partial owner of New York Spring Water Inc., which markets the VBlast! vitamin water along with New York Springs Natural Spring Water, Vitamins&Water, VBee! Multi-Vitamins & Water for kids, and Aqua84 Mineral Enhanced Water.  Well, it worked for 50…

Their bottling plant is located on 1,000 private acres in the Catskill region of New York.  The Catskills are a potential target for natural gas companies engaging in hydraulic fracturing, which releases gas in deep shale.  This would endanger water supplies including the reservoirs of real, “unvitamined” water in the Catskill Mountains that supply 9 million New York City residents.

vbee! nutrition facts
If anything happens to that water I guess we can try to live off the already bottled VBlast that is  currently being sold at Associated Supermarkets across the 5 boroughs of NYC.

Vitamined water is still a clever ruse to sell juice to people who want to be or think they are being healthy.  Of course this is also sold in plastic bottles.

No, it’s not Black on Black hate.  No, it’s not negativity for negativity’s sake against another Black woman making money.  This is just to say when Black folks make moves we need to think ahead and think about the planet.  US and world culture is headed to a higher consciousness about these things so why continue to integrate industries that are analog and harmful to the planet and people?

Src: Queen Latifah Invests In New York Spring Water Co.


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