Black Farmers: “Egg Recall Was A Disaster Waiting To Happen”

Folks, the egg recall my have dropped off the nightly news, but this is a very real, persistent and everyday issue here. Every time you eat, the food industry effects your life and health, even if you’ve opted out the mainstream food system. And it ain’t just eggs.

Here’s a quote from John W. Boyd, Jr., founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association. An active farmer in southern Virginia, Boyd was a poultry farmer for 14 years.

In the wake of the public health crisis, people are waking up to a troubling reality. Today, a few hundred mega-farms produce the majority of our country’s eggs.

The intensive industrial operations on these farms represent a fundamental change in the industry from the time when chickens grew cage-free in the chicken houses of small and mid-sized operations.

This change is one that presents a significant threat to public health.

The reason is simple: A small farmer can look at an individual chicken and see whether that bird is healthy or sick. If you are in the chicken house every day, you can tell whether a chicken is behaving normally or constantly sitting–a sign of trouble.

Small farmers have the ability to keep their farms clean, to promptly take out dead animals, and to make sure that there is enough room for the others.

Small farmers are better able to control the sources of disease, such as rodents and decaying livestock. And we as consumers and a society should support the nation’s small and mid-size farms for this and many other reasons.

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