Do You Think Bad For Hip Hop?

It’s the CNN of urban media…Some people wouldn’t watch CNN. They wouldn’t watch Fox News.” ~Shakes

Description: Shakes and Nay discuss and the site’s crazy bootylicious content via

Our female cohost, Nay, concedes the featured videos of semi-nude women on WSHH, a website who’s motto is “[we are the] CNN of urban media”, are women’s fault. The problem doesn’t start with women but you aren’t going to have the footage of uncoerced women if they don’t volunteer. I think this conversation actually needs to be more in depth for answers than it is here, but then I guess that’s what the comments section is for.

Our male cohost Shakes said guys aren’t reading and they’d rather get their information from WSHH. Unfortunately I see a lot of this and it’s…well it’s a shame. It’s also a shame that they might consider WSHH a preferred alternative to Fox News when both can be pretty horrendous.

I’m not sure that they got into whether or not WSHH is bad for Hip Hop or not. It sounds like they got into issues in the community. What do you think?

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